You can get a top-shelf mushroom growing kit from Fungi Ally at an unbeatable price

Take a moment to imagine this: You place your mushroom growing kit in your kitchen or living room. You lightly mist it daily. Before long you start seeing fruiting bodies develop from the block of mycelium. You wait for them to grow larger. Then it’s time to harvest. You’ve grown your own gourmet mushrooms at home … and you can do it again after the first flush!

How does that scenario sound to you? Do you want it to be part of your reality? If so, you need to but a mushroom growing kit from us. The best part is that you can select from a line of great mushroom options:

  • Shiitake mushroom
  • Blue oyster mushroom
  • Pink oyster mushroom
  • Yellow oyster mushroom
  • Lion’s mane mushroom

Why we sell the highest-quality mushroom growing kits to the global audience of fungiphiles

One aspect of our mission at Fungi Ally is to create a world of connection through mushrooms.

A mushroom grow kit is one way to do this, as it provides an intriguing way of showing the magic and power of mushrooms. We wanted to show people that they are able to grow tasty gourmet mushrooms at home, and that the process is simple enough for you.

In the process, we wanted our mushroom fans to have the connection of harvesting and eating these mushrooms directly from their home. It’s an interesting experience to be involved in the growing process of any food, but there is a certain magic that comes with mushroom growing. Seeing the mycelium, observing mushrooms growing and being aware of that part of the growing process is more connecting than just seeing mushrooms in the grocery store and buying them there.

Furthermore, from our experience and what we’ve heard from our customers, the mushrooms’ ability to fruit multiple times instills curiosity in people growing them.

Our mushroom growing kit line has been developed through strong research

All of our mushroom grow kits are made all in house. We have spent years working with the best substrate formulas for maximum yield and trying different strains to figure out which mushrooms fruit the best. All of this research has allowed us to find some “sweet spots” for our growing kits, ultimately resulting in higher yields than other grow kits we’ve seen on the market.

Curious if a mushroom grow kit is for you? Well, our grow kits are ideal for kids, mushroom lovers, and Foodies alike. If you like to observe your food as it grows, then a mushroom grow kit is for you. If you care about the ecological roles of fungi and love them for all the benefits they have, then a grow kit is for you. If you love to eat fresh, local, high-quality food that is nutritious and tasty, then a mushroom grow kit is for you, too!

Are mushroom grow its are a great complement to growing plants and can be incorporated into a garden easily, both indoors or out.

Beyond all else, if you want to experience a connection with mushrooms like you’ve never had before, then we recommend picking up a mushroom growing kit today. We guarantee you’ll be intrigued, amused, and satiated by our fungi friends.

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