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The Benefits of Our Mushroom Growing Kits

  • Each mushroom kit is of the highest quality. We have used these kits to produce thousands of pounds of fresh mushrooms on a commercial level. You can benefit directly from our knowledge and experience with these professional-grade mushroom growing kits.

  • We provide a variety of strains in our line of mushroom grow kits. This allows mushroom farmers to try out different mushrooms before dedicating themselves to a specific mushroom at larger production levels.

  • We have tested strains and substrates to develop the best mushroom cultivation kit. We were able to determine the combinations that worked best for bigger yields of beautiful gourmet mushrooms. Our research and development has led to these premier mushroom kits.Our mushroom growing kits for sale are the perfect introduction to growing mushrooms as well as an introduction to an array of mushroom species.

Searching “Where to buy mushrooms to grow?” Interested in mushroom kits for sale? Check out all the variety of our mushroom grow kits below. First time growing? An oyster mushroom growing kit may be perfect for you! *Please note that shipping during the spring may take 3-4 weeks or so due to covid19 precautions.

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Grow Oyster Mushrooms at Home!

Want to try growing without an oyster mushroom kit? Download this Free 36 page guide to learn how to grow oyster mushrooms at home or on the commercial scale. This book covers the step by step process of growing oyster mushrooms on straw. It also summarizes a study comparing four different treatment methods to prepare straw for oyster mushroom cultivation. This book is for anyone looking for a fast method of mushroom cultivation that can be done year round with minimal initial inputs.

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