Different mushrooms take different lengths of time to grow and mature. How long does it take to grow mushrooms? Read this article to discover the answer.

Oyster mushrooms can be grown as fast as 20 days while truffles will take over 10 years before you even know if the mushrooms will fruit! Of course this is from inoculation to fruiting.

If you are buying a grow kit and just fruiting it takes about 10 days for mushrooms to form. When wondering how long does it take to grow mushrooms there is a wide time range, depending on what species you are growing and what process you decide to grow them. Typically with lower nutrient substrates it will take longer to grow but with high-nutrient substrates they can grow very rapidly. The use of high-nutrient substrates requires sterilizing media and using a lab for inoculations but the high yields and fast fruiting makes it worth it.

How long it takes to grow oyster mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms are the fastest-growing mushrooms. The fastest substrates to grow them on are:

  1. Masters mix, a mixture of sawdust and soybean hulls.
  2. Straw
  3. Toilet paper
  4. Woodchips
  5. Logs

All of these take about 3-5 weeks except for log,s which take about 6 months or more. Check out this great video for growing oyster mushrooms on toilet paper:

How long it takes to grow
shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are a little bit more picky about their substrate and take longer to grow than oysters. In the end it is worth it though. This mushroom has an amazing umami flavor, meaty texture, and dries great!

Shiitake is my favorite mushroom to grow when I am not in a hurry. Growing on logs is a great starting point but takes awhile. Usually logs are inoculated in April and then start harvesting the following June, taking about 14 months before harvesting mushrooms. These logs will continue to fruit for 3 or 4 years after this initial fruiting. This is one of the reasons why log grown shiitakes is my favorite method of cultivation. Grow kits, on the other hand, take about 3 months to fully colonize and then about 10 days to fruit.

How long it takes to grow truffles

Truffles are an amazingly delicious mushroom and like morels, (check out this article on growing morels) people have been trying to figure out how to grow them for quite some time. The current method of cultivation requires inoculating trees and then planting them in a tree farm. The trees grow for the next 10 years and hopefully the mycorrhizal mycelium of the fungus too. After 7-8 years hopefully truffles will start to form in association with the tree roots. This is a huge investment and still a pretty experimental process of cultivation. How long does it take to grow mushrooms? Truffles are probably the longest!

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