Fungi Ally’s online storefront is the best place to buy mushroom grow kits because we have a variety of sterile, high-quality edible strains for you

A mushroom grow kit is one of the best ways to explore your love of fungi.

We have a lot of experience with commercial mushroom cultivation here at Fungi Ally. This includes a variety of work, like making an array of spawn and grow kits, and cultivating gourmet mushrooms. In fact, we have done this work at a high level for a long enough time that many interested in starting their own commercial mushroom growing business have contacted us for consultations.

Our storefront is the best place to buy mushroom grow kits online because of a few main reasons.

Reason #1: We have studied and researched strains and substrates

Strain and substrate are the other two important aspects to growing kits.

We spent years testing various strains and substrates to determine which strain-substrate combinations led to the biggest yields. Oysters were our main focus during this time, but we also worked with the multitude of edible strains we offer. All of this research has allowed us to find some “sweet spots” for our growing kits, ultimately resulting in higher yields than other grow kits we’ve seen on the market. Our mushroom grow kits are the result of the testing we have completed.

The grow kit options we offer include:

  • Blue oyster mushroom
  • Chestnut mushroom
  • Lion’s mane mushroom
  • Pink oyster mushroom
  • Yellow oyster mushroom

Head over to our mushroom growing kit page now and check out the variety for yourself. At this page you will see some pictures of the beautiful mushroom bounty available to you. You can also watch a few different videos that display the grow kits and show how to use them.

Reason #2: Our online store is the best location to buy mushroom grow kits because our kits are commercial grade

We have the experience of growing thousands of pounds of specialty mushrooms each month. How did we do it? With the same grow kits you can buy from us.

Our mushroom growing kits are commercial grade, meaning that we used hundreds of them at our farm to grow the fresh specialty mushrooms we sold at farmers’ markets, grocery stores, and direct to consumers. We also dried many of these mushrooms as well.

You are guaranteed a high-level, high-quality mushroom grow kit when you buy from us. You will love the delicious, nutritious mushrooms that you can watch grow and then eat as a meal. Check out all of your grow kit options now.

Reason #3: We teach you the process from start to finish

We believe in education at Fungi Ally and have taught many in-person workshops on mushroom growing, as well as online courses. We want more people to feel empowered enough to grow their own gourmet mushrooms at home, inside or in the garden outdoors.

A number of videos have been created, shared through articles online, and uploaded to our Fungi Ally YouTube channel. This includes videos on using our mushroom growing kits. You get to watch as the process is started by cutting appropriate holes into the grow kit and then misted with water consistently. Many of the kits in the videos even provide examples of the fruited mushroom bodies growing from the kits.

Here is a list of our YouTube videos that will be helpful for you if you’re interested in mushroom growing kits and the process of growing in general:

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