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We Are Fungi Ally

Fungi Ally is a group of teachers, growers, and researchers working to connect people with fungi.
We do this by providing fresh mushrooms, mushroom spawn, and mushroom education to our community.

Our mushrooms are grown using agricultural waste products like straw and sawdust. We grow high quality gourmet mushrooms like shiitake, oyster, and lion’s mane. We are committed to developing sustainable growing practices that improve
the health of our customers, community, and environment.

The workshops we offer enable participants to confidently work with and understand the fungal kingdom. Students learn how to work with mushrooms in the fields of cultivation, foraging, and medicine.

Fungi Ally mushroom spawn is specialized to the northeast region with extreme interest and care in strain selection. We trial all of our mushrooms around New England to find the highest yielding strains to offer you.

Why Fungi?

Mushrooms are a great local food source that can be grown year round on agricultural by-products. Their role in ecosystems to transform waste into life is vital to the health of the planet. We believe that by working with mushrooms we can improve our own health while transforming waste into life affirming food and soil.

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Meet the Teachers & Growers

Willie Crosby

Willie has been growing mushrooms in a variety of methods for the last four years. He is a co-founder of Fungi Ally and is involved with research, education, and mushroom production. Through study and experience Willie hopes to continue learning the diverse methods people can improve themselves and the world through allying with fungi!

Dylan Kessler

Dylan got into fungi foraging in high school and hasn’t looked back since. Dylan’s main mycological passion is all things mushroom, but he also studies microfungi and plant pathology. Dylan is a co-founder of Fungi Ally and is the resident identification expert as well as head spawn producer.

Sarah Berquist

Sarah’s interest in mushrooms began when learning of their deeply medicinal and healing potential. She believes in food as medicine and is excited to continue learning how to cultivate, forage, and bring mushrooms into her everyday life. She provides educational, organizational, and marketing support to help spread the love of fungi!

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