Join Fungi Ally on May 17th to expore the diverse oyster mushroom. We will discuss ways of growing this mushroom on straw and other agricultural waste as well as growing on wood.



mushroom from Bill 099Interested in inoculating your own shiitake logs? Let us gather all the tools and materials for you and you can do the fun part! For just $129 we will provide all the materials and tools you need to inoculate 20 logs. All you do is bring some friends and inoculate the logs, then sit back and let the mushrooms grow! Fore more information and to schedule an inoculation visit Shiitake log inoculations




We have begun to offer Chaga through our website. We have both ground and chunks of chaga. Stay tuned for more medicinal mushrooms we will offer in the coming months. Soon we will have medicinal mushroom tinctures as well.



display shii, oyste, LMFungi Ally grows a variety of fresh mushrooms for the pioneer valley. You can currently find our fresh shiitakes at Greenfield’s Market and All Things Local. In the Spring, Summer, and Fall we offer a range of oyster mushrooms and foraged fungi as well. For more information about Fungi Ally visit our About Us page



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