Fungi Ally LOGO!Fungi Ally strives to bring mushrooms and all their benefits to the forefront of the pioneer valley. By offering fresh locally grown mushrooms we hope more people can take advantage of the medicinal and culinary wonders mushrooms offer.

We are a group of cultivators located in Amherst and Hadley dedicated to growing mushrooms and finding ways fungi can beneficially support our community. We look to collaborate with other mycophiles in the pioneer valley to develop and implement projects allying with fungi.



Willie Crosby web picWillie Crosby has been studying and cultivating fungi for the past 3 years. He recently completed a month long internship with Aloha Medicinals learning how to grow high quality spawn and medicinal mushrooms. Last year in conjunction with Bill Cooley  he started Fungi Ally inoculating 500 logs. Since then the team has built 2 indoor growing rooms which are supplying mushrooms to the Amherst community. Willie has led mushroom cultivation workshops throughout Massachusetts. Through study and experience Willie hopes to continue learning the diverse methods people can improve themselves and the world through allying with fungi!


Dylan Kessler web pictureDylan Kessler got into fungi foraging in high school and hasn’t looked back since. Dylan’s main mycological passion is all things mushroom, but he also studies microfungi and plant pathology. Dylan has been an assistant teacher for graduate level plant pathology and mycology courses, and does seasonal field work on forest and farm pathogens called water molds. Dylan is excited to ride the mycelial wave with Fungi Ally, and works chiefly on indoor cultivation and mushroom education.

  1. Robert Randall.

    Are you the guys who had a booth at the Greenfield Poor Farm otherwise known as Just Roots) a few weeks ago. I bought a pint of Maitake and, as a result, have eaten Giant Poofball, Shitikie, Oyster and Portaballa.
    Thanks and I would like to here from you. Also, may I visit.

    • Robert we were up at Just Roots a couple weekends ago. We are currently getting ready to bury the farm in snow so not a lot to see but you are welcome to come for a tour now or in the spring.

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