09192015-FungiAlly-JuliaLuckettPhotography-314Check out our kickstarter at fungially.pushpublic.com. We are running this campaign from now until December 8th to raise money for a new lab. This lab will enable us to grow mushroom kits and spawn that has been acclimated to the New England climate. Thanks for checking it out. Let’s grow this mushroom alliance!!

We have begun to
offer Chaga through our website. We have both ground and chunks of chaga. Stay tuned for more medicinal mushrooms we will offer in the coming months. Soon we will have medicinal mushroom tinctures as well.

display shii, oyste, LMFungi Ally grows a variety of fresh mushrooms for the pioneer valley. You can currently find our fresh shiitakes and oysters at Greenfield’s Market, River Valley Market, Amherst Saturday Market, Atkin’s Farms, Wilson Farm, and Volante Farms. In the Spring, Summer, and Fall we offer a range of foraged fungi as well. For more information about Fungi Ally visit our About Us page


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