Fungi Ally Guatemala Mushroom Retreat

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A once in a lifetime mushroom retreat in beautiful Lake Atitlan Guatemala April 18th-23rd

Dive deeply into your connection with mushrooms, your self, and the mushroom growing community. Lake Atitlan and the beautiful mountains around us will work their magic as we build a transformational container to step more fully into living the life our hearts imagine. All of this while praising, working, and learning about mushrooms at Fungi Academy located in Tzununa Guatemala! This six day retreat will be chalk full of 

  • Mushroom cultivation information, methods, and theory 
  • daily yoga, breath, and meditation practices to help bring you into your center
  • Group connection, games, and sharing
  • ceremony 
  • Cacao

  • Day 1: Fungal Fundamentals.

    Introduction Circle--Tour of Fungi Academy-- Mushroom Basics-- Stages of Cultivation--Group Games 

  • Day 2: Outdoor cultivation

    Birding Outing--Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation--Straw cultivation--Intro to micro-dosing--Building vision--Cacao party

  • Day 3: Growing Mycelium

    Sunrise hike--Making spawn--Building and working in a lab--Building relationships--Temezcal

  • Day 4: Fruiting

    Bulk substrates–-creating a fruiting room--fruiting mushrooms--Ideas and plans

  • Day 5: Ceremony

    Prepare for Ceremony--Intentions--Ceremony--

  • Day 6: Integration and goodbye 

    Integration circle--Grounding intentions--Take aways--Temezcal--Breakfast on Day 7


Skills you will gain

  • Have a deeper relationship with mushrooms and other mycophiles
  • Successfully grow any cultivatable mushroom species your heart desires
  • Understand the mushroom life cycle and ecological roles
  • Have an outline to the stages of mushroom cultivation
  • Get hands on practice growing shiitake on logs, oyster on straw, wine cap on wood chips and other at home techniques
  • New practices to know yourself and stay grounded
  • Clear vision on how to bring your gifts into the world 
  • Know the mushroom industry and opportunities to plug into it
  • Get inspired by all the different ways you can engage with mushrooms and life
  • Capable of growing and selling/gifting mushrooms 

A Typical Day Will Look Like:

6-7:30 (Optional morning activity) Birding, Hiking, meditating 

7:30-9 Morning movement, breath, or connection practice 

9-10 Breakfast 

10-1 Mushroom Cultivation 

1-2:30 Lunch 

2:30-3 Group games, Connection and exploration 

3-5 Mushroom Class

5-5:30 Take Aways 

6-7 Dinner 

7-9 (optional night activity) Cacao party, fire circle, open mic

Price Includes:

3 meals a day, housing, and all scheduled activities. It does not include flights to Guatemala. Fly into Guatemala City and we can connect you with a private car for $80 to Tzununa. If you decide to come early or stay after the retreat (highly recommended) living is relatively cheap here. Eating out typically costs anywhere from $1-10, Mangos and avocados are usually 3 for $1, travel between towns and boats around the lake are about $1-2. Housing ranges quite a bit but typically $10-20/night. Tzununa is also called the "Valley of the Hummingbird" it is one of the quieter towns on the lake. 

Covid and Safety in Guatemala

Here in Lake Atitlan it is very safe. Kids run around and play on the streets. There are quite a few foreigners who live here year round and come to visit. The Mayan people that have called this place home for thousands of years are extremely friendly, hard working, and love to smile. Many speak Spanish and their native Mayan language. Covid is not a major problem at this time. Some people wear masks many do not. To enter the country you need to have a covid test, a rapid test is adequate. We will be in a space where hugging, breathing air together, being close is welcome. This in itself is deep medicine at this time! 



We have an all star crew of instructors and space holders helping us get in our bodies, connect with each other, and create a beautiful container. We have been working together, exploring ourselves, our relationships, growing food, and building community for the last 3 years. 

  • Willie Crosby

    Fungal Fanatic! Willie has been growing mushrooms for the last 10 years in the back yard setting and commercial setting, growing as much as 500 lbs per week. Willie has taught about mushrooms for 6 years through Umass Amherst, Cornell, and Fungi Ally. You got questions or ideas about growing and relating to mushrooms let's dive in!

  • Colette Legarrigues

    Yogini Extraordinary! Colette is a shiatsu practitioner and yoga instructor. She is currently earning a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Colette has been a student of yoga for over ten years and a teacher for five. In 2015 she lived and traveled in India for nine months studying the wisdom traditions of yoga-asana, meditation, and bhakti.

  • Pete McLean

    Connection Maestro! Pete has been working with groups of people for the past 15 years as a coach, farmer, educator, naturalist, facilitator, student life coordinator, speaker and event coordinator.  He's made connecting people to themselves and each other his mission and life work. 

  • Andrew Forsthoefel 

    Beauty Walker! Andrew is a writer and speaker living in Maine. After graduating from Middlebury College in 2011, he spent a year walking across the United States listening to the people he met along the way. He published a memoir of the journey, Walking to Listen. Andrew writes and speaks about solitude, consciousness, masculinity, revolutionary love, and the discipline of trustworthy listening.

  • Martin Legarrigues

    Bouyant Seer! Martin is a filmmaker and video producer based out of Maine. He spent much of his twenties traveling abroad studying yoga and meditation in India. He completed a 250 hour yoga teacher training in 2016. Martin is trained in conscious communication from the Kripalu Yoga Center and men’s work and group facilitation in affiliation with The Man Kind Project. He is a married man and an aspiring ritualist and animist.

  • To be Revealed 

    At least one more will join us and be updated here!


Retreat spots are limited! Questions, concerns, ideas? Drop a line to Willie at or call directly at 413-800-4744

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