Here at Fungi Ally we provide mushroom grow bags filled with an array of mushroom spawn, or empty if you prefer to add your own spawn to the bag

Our mushroom grow bags, which are also used for our mushroom growing kits, come in a variety of mushroom strains, including shiitake, lion’s mane, chestnut, and blue, pink, and yellow oyster mushrooms.

Our mushroom grow bags are available filled with substrate and any variety of spawn we listed above. You can check out all of the options here and make your order today.

All mushroom growing bags include high-quality spawn that is produced in a sterile lab environment year-around, to ensure that you get the freshest spawn possible. You will be able to grow around two pounds of mushrooms throughout two or three flushes over the course of about two months.

Strain and substrate are two important aspects of the best mushroom grow bags

We’ve been working over the last few years, particularly with oyster mushrooms, to find the best strains and substrates to produce large yields of mushrooms. Our mushroom grow bags are a result of this research and development.

All of our filled mushroom bags are made in-house. We have spent years working with the best substrate formulas for maximum yield and trying different strains to figure out which mushrooms fruit the best. All of this research has allowed us to find some “sweet spots” for our growing kits, ultimately resulting in higher yields than other grow kits we’ve seen on the market.

Our mushroom grow kits are a great addition to growing plants and can be incorporated into a garden easily, both indoors or out.

The grow kit options we offer include:

  • Shiitake mushroom
  • Blue oyster mushroom
  • Pink oyster mushroom
  • Yellow oyster mushroom
  • Lion’s mane mushroom
  • Chestnut mushroom

If you want to grow mushrooms indoors at a small scale, then a mushroom growing kit is the best option for you! If you want to grow indoors at a larger scale, then you can check out the information below on our grain spawn bags.

Fungi Ally mushroom growing bags: Grain and sawdust options

Our sawdust mushroom bags are best for outdoor mushroom growing, particularly if you are using totems, logs, or woodchips to grow on. The small particles of the sawdust allow for fast growth. Our bags of sawdust spawn work the best with mushroom strains like shiitakes, blue oysters, yellow oysters, lion’s mane, and wine cap.

Our mushroom bags of grain spawn are best for indoor mushroom inoculations on straw, coffee grounds, or supplemented sawdust. The millet involves very small particles like the sawdust spawn, and because of this leads to fast growth. Our grain spawn is second generation, meaning that it can be used to expand the mycelium several times. Our bags of grain spawn work best for shiitake mushrooms, blue oyster, yellow oysters, pink oysters, and lion’s mane mushrooms.

Our mushroom grow bags are efficient, effective growing kits

Mushroom growing bags have a variety of names in the world of mushroom cultivation. Even we refer to them by various names. For instance, mushroom grow bags can also be called ready-to-fruit blocks, mushroom blocks, mushroom grow kits, or any similar variation.

The best thing about our mushroom grow bags is the quality behind them. In some industries, beginners and professionals have different tools, and in most of these scenarios, the pros have better, higher-quality materials. The beginners are new to the experience, so they have lesser-quality materials that are often cheaper than what the pros use. If they do not like the activity and do not want to continue with it, they do not experience a significant financial loss. However, the lesser-quality materials may impact the beginner’s overall experience and may dictate whether or not they continue with it.

We do not allow for this type of situation to arise with our grow bags. Beginners and professional alike receive the same quality materials. These bags are the same ones we have used to produce thousands of pounds of mushrooms monthly. We have had people approach us interested in becoming professional mushroom farmers and they have bought bags directly from us.

Each grow bag we provide is about five and half pounds of supplemented sawdust that measure 12”x6”x8” in size. You can fruit the mushrooms from the bag directly. To do this you need to place the bags in the proper conditions, cut some holes in the bag so the mushrooms can fruit out of them, and make sure that the bag does not dry out by misting it a few times each day. We have more in-depth information on fruiting mushrooms from our grow kits in this video.

And remember Allies…

Our mushroom growing bags that we sell are the same ones we use to grow our delicious mushrooms in-house. The mushroom growing kits we sell are the same product as well. You are receiving the highest-quality mushroom growing bag that the pros use when you order from us.

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