Mass Mushroom Fest

Come together for a fun afternoon of fungal celebration. Wild mushrooms, mushroom cuisine, mushroom farm tours, workshops, and kids art activities with mushrooms all will be FREE AND OPEN TO EVERYONE! 10 minutes off of 91 at Mycoterra mushroom farm 75 Stillwater rd Deerfield MA.


Home scale mushroom cultivation

Identification of wild mushrooms

Wild mushroom ID table


11-11:45 Bee Mushroomed! Willie Crosby will update folks on the current research project feeding bees mushroom supplements happening in Montague MA.


1-1:45 Gardening with mushrooms

2-2:45– Dyeing with mushrooms Kevin Aderer leads an exploration of using mushrooms for dyeing clothing, making paper, and fun other uses of fungi.

3-3:45– Mushroom Foraging 101 Ryan Bouchard and Emily Schmidt will present about wild edible mushrooms and foraging in general, check out the flyer at the bottom of the page


Fungi Ally– Grow kits, Spawn, dried mushrooms, Educational material

Mycoterra Mushroom Farm– Mushroom beauty products, fresh mushrooms, dried mushrooms

Mushroom Hunting Foundation– Ryan Bouchard’s calendar’s and books on mushroom foraging

Madge evers with her beautiful spore print art!

Tamim Teas will be hosting a cozy tea tent at the festival and offering all of their beautiful mushroom tea products. Come taste the



Delicious mushroom food vendors!

At Mycoterra mushroom farm 75 Stillwater rd Deerfield MA

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