A discussion on fruiting mushrooms, including room conditions, that demonstrates the process used by commercial mushroom farmers

We decided to create a video to show you a room where we’re fruiting mushrooms.

The fruiting room is an incredibly important part to any commercial mushroom farmer. It would be impossible to grow mushrooms indoors commercially without a proper system and strategy in place.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important components used in a commercial mushroom fruiting room: misting system, lighting, air movement and shelving.

The misting system is a big part of fruiting mushrooms inside

A high-pressure misting system we purchased through Aeromist. The pump hooks to a hose, connected to a water source. Then it connects to an electrical outlet. We put our misting system on a timer so it goes on every seven or eight minutes for one minute intervals. If you wanted an alternative method, you could hook it up to a thermostat.

The room slowly fills with a fine mist once the high-pressure misting system is on. However, I barely get wet as I walk through the room. We like having the conditions this way for our mushrooms. The very fine mist allows the room to stay humid, but the mushrooms don’t get wet.

The mushroom fruiting room has risers that go throughout the room, which is where the mist comes from.

The lighting we use for fruiting mushrooms

We use LED strip lighting in our grow rooms. We run the LED strips throughout the length of the rooms. Each shelf that houses mushrooms in the fruiting room has its own LED strip supplying appropriate lighting. This way all of our mushrooms get light in the fruiting room.

The fruiting room we show in this YouTube video is a 53-foot trailer that we converted into a mushroom fruiting room. The LED strips we buy are 150 feet long, and it cost us about $200 on the lighting for this grow room.

The intake and exhaust fans we use for fruiting mushrooms indoors

The intake fan we use now has been working for years! It’s a 10” that we got from CanFilter.

Some growers attach a tube to their intake fan and run the tube the length of their grow rooms. This allows for better air distribution.

Our other fan is an exhaust fan that we keep down at the bottom of our grow rooms. It’s a shutter fan so it closes when it is not in use.

We round out our fruiting room tour with a look at our shelving system

We keep it simple with shelving of two-by-fours with electrical conduit on each side. This design allows us to position bags of mushrooms in between the two-by-fours. Our mushroom fruiting room is filled with these shelves along all walls and with a row in the middle of the room.

Are you interested in building your own commercial mushroom farm? We can help you with the process. Email us today.

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