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Fungi Ally Mushroom Plug Spawn

Mushroom plug spawn is best for inoculating wood logs or stumps. Mushroom plug spawn is made of 1” birch dowels covered with mushroom mycelium. This type of spawn is easy to handle and no extra tools are necessary. Spawn run and inoculation tend to take a little bit longer but if you are doing 40 logs or less it is likely the best bet for you.

(Quantity of 100, 1000, or 2000)

Shiitake LE 46 (Plug Spawn)

The work horse for many shiitake log farmers. This strain has a fast spawn run and great yields. LE 46 is a beautiful mushroom that has a dark cap and some white ornamentation on the cap edges. This mushroom fruits at a wide range of temperatures and responds well to shocking.  Best grown in hardwood logs.

Blue Oyster 3015 (Plug Spawn)

Oyster mushrooms can be cultivated on straw, wood, coffee grounds and a range of other cellulose rich materials. This strain is a great commercial producer on both wood and straw. Large fruiting bodies, fast spawn run, and a beautiful blue color that is vibrant when young. This mushroom fruits in a wide range of temperatures from 55-75.

Yellow Oyster AM1 (Plug Spawn)

A delicious buttery yellow oyster mushroom strain. These yellow oysters can be grown on straw, logs, coffee grounds and many other cellulose rich materials. Totems are a great choice with yellow oysters and softer hardwoods like poplar, aspen, and elm can be used for outdoor cultivation.

Maitake (Plug Spawn)

A very popular foraged mushroom. This is a difficult mushroom to grow but when it does it can grow in large quantities. Best to inoculate oak stumps or large rounds in contact with the ground. Fruiting bodies come out of the soil.

Lion’s mane (Plug Spawn)

A furry mushroom friend that you will want to pet as much as eat. Lion’s mane does very well on beech totems and supplemented sawdust. It takes longer than shiitake or oyster to establish and cannot be shocked into fruiting. This strain typically fruits in September.

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