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Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

Our shiitake mushrooms are grown on sawdust at our farm in Hadley MA. Sun dried for at least 8 hours and finished slowly in low heat. A strong nutty shiitake flavor is great to add to any soup, risotto, curry, or vegetable dish.


Dried Chaga Mushroom

Our chaga is wild harvested from New England with special attention to not over harvest one area. An amazing mushroom tea this mushroom is best prepared simmered overnight in a crock pot or on a wood stove. Amazing with Chai spices or just on it’s own, the chunks can be frozen and reused 2-3 times.


Mushroom Medley

A flavorful and delicious mix of gourmet mushrooms grown here in Hadley MA. Shiitake, oyster and lion’s mane make up this mushroom blend.


Wild Dried Morels

You will never want another mushroom once you have dried morels. These incredible tasting mushrooms are harvested from the wild on the west coast after burns. Our mushrooms are #1 Morchella conica or black morels. There are no stems and the mushrooms were dried the same day the were picked. Our trusted forager Felix practices sustainable low impact harvesting techniques while getting the highest quality mushrooms. Add these mushrooms to a soup, sauce, or use to top on a pizza! To use place 1 ounce in 2-4 cups of warm water and allow to rehydrate for 20 minutes. Be sure to use this water as well as the mushrooms. 

1 oz $16                  4 oz $53                        1/2 pound $90                    1 Pound $170 

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