Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Workshop @ Fungi Ally
Nov 18 @ 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

Come join us to learn how to grow your own Oyster Mushrooms.

Oyster mushrooms are a delicious edible, medicinal, are able to decompose an oil spill, and make sustainable home insulation. Oyster mushrooms are not only one of the easiest mushrooms to grow but they are very diverse in the practical ways we can use them! We can grow them on a wide variety of easily accessible cheap materials like straw, coffee grounds, logs, sawdust, toilet paper rolls and more!

Learn how to ally with this powerful fungal friend and be able to take home your own grow kit that you make to be able to easily produce your own delicious oyster mushrooms right at home!

This workshop will cover:

  • Oyster mushroom lifecycle
  • Ecological roles of fungi
  • How to grow oyster mushrooms on a small home or commercial scale on straw
  • How to grow oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds and sawdust
  • Indoor year round fruiting in a home for oyster mushrooms
  • Using oyster mushrooms in mycoremediation

Join us at Fungi Ally November 18th from 10:30-12:30 for an in-depth workshop on everything Oyster Mushrooms.

Mycoremediation @ Fungi Ally
Dec 3 @ 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Did you know that mushrooms have the ability to break down toxic things in our environment like dirty oil, plastic, and chemicals? This process is called mycoremediation.

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Mycoremediation is a powerful opportunity for us to heal the Earth from the pollution humans have inflicted on it. Fungi have been proven successful in remediating damage from bacteria, heavy metals, and chemical pollutants in our environment. Mycoremediation can be used and learned by anyone and successfully applied by anyone in their own backyard or on a larger commercial scale. Its accessibility, lack of cost, and scalability means it is one of the most promising tools we have to fight and tackle pollution on our Earth. Not to mention the power of medicinal mushrooms to tackle the pollution in our bodies as well!


Join Alex Dorr, the author of the published book Mycoremediation Handbook: a Grassroots Guide to Growing Mushrooms and Cleaning Up Toxic Waste with Fungi to learn practical skills, tools, and projects to help remediate the toxins we have on this Earth with Mushrooms.

This course will cover:

  • Mushroom Lifecycle
  • Ecological Roles
  • History of Mushrooms
  • Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Remediation Techniques
  • Toxin Testing
  • Heavy Metal Remediation
  • Chemical Remediation
  • Microbe Remediation
  • Bench Scale Tests
  • Species Selection
  • Pilot Tests
  • Funding
  • Getting a Team Together
  • Resources
  • And Much Much More!

December 3rd 10:30am-12:30pm

Fungi Ally – 311 River Dr Hadley Ma


Blue Trametes versicolor Artwork by Martin Bridge




Medicinal Mushrooms Workshop @ Fungi Ally
Dec 16 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Medicinal Mushrooms Workshop

Humans have had a sacred relationship to medicinal mushrooms throughout time. The oldest naturally preserved mummy, Otzi the Iceman, was found with two medicinal mushrooms on his body. There are mushroom cave paintings and statues dating back over 3,000 years ago in cultures all over the globe. Mushrooms have been the core of some religions and cultures, and have been the root of some holidays including Christmas.

Whether in the woods or in our kitchen, mushrooms play a vital healing role. In the natural world mushrooms help to decompose waste on the forest floor and protect trees from pathogens. In human bodies medicinal mushrooms produce compounds to counteract exposure to environmental toxins and help increase the body’s ability to fight disease.

We in the west are in an exciting time where we are seeing a resurgence of the use and love of mushrooms. One way we can ally with these powerful healers everyday is through the use of medicinal mushrooms. Especially when it’s getting colder and sickness is so easy to get, having mushrooms in one’s diet is crucial for a healthy mind, body, spirit.

Medicinal mushrooms contain polysaccharides, beta-glucans, triterpenes, phenols, sterols, statins, indole compounds, enzymes, and more to be immunomodulating, anti-cancer, antioxidant, antihypertensive, cholesterol-lowering, liver protective, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-viral, anti-microbial, psychotropic, antimalarial, anti-protozoal, and much more.

Medicinal mushrooms can be extracted and put in almost any everyday product you can think of. From soup stocks, teas, tinctures, chocolate, coffee, soap, lotion, kombucha, entree dishes, smoothies, gummies, capsules and much much more! Learn the healing benefits of around 12 different key species in the medicinal mushroom world that you can ally with to bring more medicine in your life! Get hands on to make our own tea, tincture, powder, capsules and more!

This workshop will cover:

  • 12 different medicinal mushrooms including: Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, shiitake, oyster, Lion’s mane and more
  • Making medicinal mushroom teas
  • Making medicinal extracts
  • Discussing differences between medicinal products, mycelial based and fruiting body.
  • Medicinal compounds found in mushrooms
  • studies and books to refer to

Take home an ounce of dried shiitake, an ounce of dried reishi, and an ounce of dried chaga to make your own medicinal mushroom medicine!



Cooking with Mushrooms @ fungi ally
Jan 7 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Cooking With Mushrooms

Mushrooms are high in amino acids, nicotinic acid, riboflavin, vitamins B, C, and K, and pantothenic acid. From lowering cholesterol levels to weight management, enjoy a protein filled, low fat, low calorie treat that is also medicinal and tastes so good. Not only do they lower cholesterol levels, but boosts the immune system, prevent breast and prostate cancer, helps absorption of nutrients, prevents diabetes, lowers blood pressure, improve iron absorption, has anti-inflammatory, and more!

At Fungi Ally we strive to grow the tastiest exotic gourmet mushrooms to set ourselves apart from the typical mushrooms you see in the grocery store. Mushrooms can be incorporated in almost any food and drink you can think of.

During this event we will go over different delicious recipes that people can make right at home and try at our event. We will supply fresh and dried mushrooms at the end of the event for you to take home and try your favorite recipe! Start your Sunday off right with a mushroom filled brunch, a full belly filled with delicious mushroom dishes and cook off with a special celebrity guest chef!

We will cover:

  • Delicious mushroom food recipes
  • Delicious mushroom drink recipes
  • Fungal ferments
  • How to best store mushrooms, and the different ways one can preserve them
  • Medicinal and nutritional benefits
  • Going over different species and their tastes/recipes/qualities/benefits
  • Some really choice foragable edibles throughout the year
  • How to best cook mushrooms
  • and more!

Cooking with Mushrooms

Fungi Ally – 311 River Dr Hadley Ma 

January 7th 11am-1pm

$40 – With Plate of Delicious Food Included

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